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Advances in 3D Printing

We've chosen a selection of articles and videos that showcase advances in 3D Printing technology.

  • Wearable Technology - 3D Printed fabrics - Great video - Courtesy of Ecouterre
  • Food Technology - MIT's 3D Food Printer - Cornucopia - Courtesy of Marcelo Coelho MIT
  • 3D Printing in Animation - Shows a 3D Printed object used in a Dutch advertising campaign - Courtesy of Creative Review
  • Printing with Silver Ink - Potential for printing integrated Circuits - Courtesy of Singularity Hub
  • Printing with Stainless Steel - A Steel powder is used for 3D Printing - Courtesy of Shapeways and Singularity Hub
  • Fancy printing a vase? - Well, not quite but its a great start! - Courtesy of Shapeways
  • 3D Printed Cells - Scientists use a 3D Printer to create the first “printed” human vein - Courtesy of Inhabitat
  • Building Technology - Make this 3D Printer mobile and it could turn up and print your house! - Courtesy of Physorg
  • Ice 3d Printer - Published earlier this year, but worth a closer look - Courtesy of Boing-Boing and McGill
  • 3D Printing with sugar - An extruder-less design utilising a hot air gun and a bed of sugar! - Courtesy of EvilMadScientist
  • 3D Print your Christmas dinner - Cornell Universities food 3d printer under the spotlight - Courtesy of the BBC
  • A Flute in 3D - A flute printed in 4 sections using 3D printing techniques - Courtesy of Amit Zoran, MIT Media Lab
  • 3D Printing with TitaniumTitanium 3D printing, whatever next, Gold? - Courtesy of iMaterialise
  • 3D Printing with GoldThis 3D printer uses Selective Laser Melting to actually 3D print gold! - Courtesy of iMaterialise
  • 3D Printing - Economist - An informative article on 3D Printing technologies from the Economist
  • Happy New Ear! - The latest on 3D Bio-printing - Courtesy of the BBC News
  • 3D Printer and Kinect? - Not so much an advance, but there's more to this than meets the eye! - Courtesy of cnet, Australia
  • 3D Engineering - 3D Printer used to mock up the chassis, driver controls and engine of a race-car - Courtesy of Racecar Engineering
  • 3D Print your race car - Screwdriver powered race car printed using a 3D Printer in just 10 days - Courtesy of Shapeways
  • There's an app for that! - Scanning with the iPhone, a neat app with lots of potential - Courtesy of readwriteweb and popular science
  • Technology for technologies sake? - think again, the 3D printer will be a real life saver, spare part anyone? - Courtesy of CBCnews
  • Worlds smallest 3D Printer - A synthetic resin printer that uses intense light beams to cure the Print material - Courtesy of TGDaily
  • Rapid 3D Modelling - Use this free software from Autodesk to create your 3D Models straight from photographs - Courtesy of Autodesk
  • Solar Sintering - An interesting 3D Printer project using sun and sand, there's no shortage of that in the Sahara! - Courtesy of Markus
  • 3D Printing with Concrete - This 3D Printing sector continues to grow with ongoing work in the UK - Courtesy of Loughborough University
  • 3D Printing artificial blood vessels - Bio 3D Printing from the BioRap project team at the Fraunhofer Institute, Germany - Courtesy of the BBC
  • 3D Printing with Augmented Reality - Innovative use of two technologies to model molecular biology - Courtesy of Scripps RI & New Scientist
  • 21st Century Medicine - Surgeons fit a 3D Printed titanium lower jaw to an elderly patient - Courtesy of the BBC and Hasselt University
  • Vienna University - Micro 3D Printer - More info of the Worlds smallest 3D Printer developed by Klaus Stadlmann - Courtesy of TEDxVienna
  • Nano-scale 3D Printing - Incredible 3D Print of a racing car on a nanometre scale - Courtesy of TU Vienna and Nanowerk
  • Intelligent objects - 3D printing both form and functionality, integrating 3D printed electronics - Courtesy of Stratasys/Optomec/PCMag
  • Reactionware - A term coined by Glasgow Universities Bio 3D Printing team printing both the containers and the contents - Courtesy of Nature/BBC
  • Modelling the Olympic Stadium - From satellite imagery to 3D model in just 6 hours  - Courtesy of Jon Fidler, Ravensbourne College, London
  • 3D Printed Sugar Networks - Researchers grow a step nearer to creating artificial organs - Courtesy of University of Pennsylvania and the BBC News
  • The WREX Exoskeleton - 3D Printing of an Exoskeleton perfectly matched for a young child - Courtesy of Dupont Hospital and Stratasys
  • Contour Crafting - 3D Printing in the construction industry. Build your house in just 20 hours! - Courtesy of TEDx and University of Southern California
  • Art and Design - 3D Printing will inspire a new generation of artists, Professor Neri Oxman leads the way - Courtesy of MIT Media Lab and
  • The Moon and 3D Printing - Reknowned Architects design a 3D printed Moon base - Courtesy of Foster + Partners/BBC News Corporation
  • 3D Printing Stem Cells - The creation of Human embryonic stem cells using a modified MakerBot Replicator! - Courtesy of Heriot Watt Uni, Edinburgh
  • 3D Printing Droplet Networks - Replacing damaged cells in the human body or for use as a drug delivery mechanism - Courtesy of the MailOnline
  • Engineering the future - Organovo is harnessing the power of 3D Printing in Medicine, how will you use 3D Printing? - Courtesy of Organovo
  • 3D Printing Micro Power Plants - 3D Printing Microbatteries the size of a grain of sand, impressive stuff! - Courtesy of Harvard/Illinois Universities
  • 3D Printing in Advertising - Coca Cola is leading the way with its use of 3D Printers in its latest advertising campaign - Courtesy of Coca Cola
  • 'Making' in the Movie Industry - Special effects teams no longer reliant on CGI utilise the latest 3D printing technology - Courtesy of Stratasys
  • 3D Printing and Smart Materials -  Intro to 3D Printing and the use of smart materials, intelligent filament? - Courtesy of Hod and Cornell University
  • 3D Printing in zero gravity - Insight into NASA's 3D Printer destined for the International Space Station- Courtesy of NASA Marshall SFC
  • Flying 3D Prints - Manufacturers of the Tornado Jets use 3D Printed technology in the air and on the ground - Courtesy of BAE Systems
  • 3D Printing and Lunar base Construction - NASA shows an interest in using Contour Crafting for extraterrestrial construction - Courtesy of NASA
  • Food safe 3D Printing - The new 'must-have' for your kitchen, the ChefJet range of food 3D Printers - Courtesy of Slashgear and 3D Systems

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